Owner Resources

2015 Owner's Survey Report
Summary of the findings from CMAA's 2015 Survey of Owners.

An Owner's Guide to Construction and Program Management
An introductory guide for public and private owners to understand the roles and responsibilities of the key professionals critically important to the success of a construction program and/or project. 
This document will benefit those owners who embark on a construction project or program providing guidance to define the expertise recommended for success in the planning, design and construction processes. It introduces construction and program management practices describing how they can enhance the success of a project.

An Owner's Guide to Project Delivery Methods
An introductory guide for owners who face the choice of delivery methods for their projects, and for the construction and program managers whose role it is to advise owners and to manage the design and construction process utilizing the most appropriate method. 
While not intended to be an exhaustive analysis of each delivery method, this guide provides a comparison among the various available methods, an outline of the pros and cons of each, and an overview of the role of a program manager or agency construction manager in each delivery method.



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