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What is a CCM?

The Certified Construction Manager (CCM) is the “gold standard” in personnel credentials for the Construction Management profession. It is the only CM certification accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO-17024 standard. CCMs have voluntarily met the prescribed criteria of the CCM program with regards to formal education, field experience and demonstrated capability and understanding of the CM body of knowledge. CCMs are committed to excellence in Construction program/project management, career advancement and the pursuit of knowledge. 

What does a CCM do?

CCMs provide professional services which apply effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality. The purpose of the CCM is to improve delivery of the built environment by identifying the CMs who are best qualified by education and experience to deliver professional CM services at the highest level of quality and ethical conduct.

Why should I become a CCM?

The CCM is recognized by AEC professionals and clients alike, as the official designation for professional CMs. Owners are often asking for CCMs to be involved with their projects. A growing number of organizations have also adopted a culture of certification and recognize the value, as the best CMs will be certified CMs. Organizations support its professionals in pursuing the CCM and will provide financial assistance and recognition for achieving this high distinction. We have included example contract language from various owner organizations, which provide a starting point in drafting contracts for your team.
Nearly 4000 professionals have earned the right to call themselves a Certified Construction Manager. They recognize the value that the CCM distinction brings to their careers and the confidence that it inspires in their clients. Will you be among this elite group? Click here for additional information.

Benefits of becoming a CCM

Increase your professional marketability. Because the CCM is accredited and internationally recognized, the CCM can be the difference between getting an interview and having your resume over looked.
Manage your experience and maintain your professionalism. The CCM is a sign of professional achievement and will help you exhibit to clients and supervisors you are dedicated to your profession and that you've mastered the critical knowledge of the latest construction management techniques.
Enhance your professional network. Not only will you earn the respect of peers, clients and employers when you earn a CCM, but you will also increase your network of professional Construction Managers.
Get lower liability insurance, just by having a CCM on your staff. ProSight® Specialty Insurance has worked with CMAA to develop a new insurance product tailor-made for CM firms and practitioners. It's a combined professional liability and general liability package. Because ProSight® recognizes the skill and professionalism associated with the Certified Construction Manager credential, CCMs will receive special credit on their quote. Full details are available here.

How do I become a CCM?

Before beginning the process, CMCI strongly recommends you first watch the "Becoming a CCM" webinar to determine whether the CCM is appropriate for you and whether you are either eligible or on track to becoming eligible for certification. If you have determined the CCM is right for you, you should view/download the application brochure and handbook to learn more about how to begin your journey to becoming a CCM. For additional CCM-related resources, please click here.

Should you hire a CCM for your next project?

View the Owners' Brochure for even more reasons to hire a CCM for your next project.


Share your achievements

CMCI has partnered with Acclaim to create a digital CCM badge.  Badges are visual tokens of achievement, affiliation, authorization, or other trust relationships, shareable across the web.  Badges represent a more detailed picture than a CV or résumé as they can be presented in ever-changing combinations, creating a constantly evolving picture of a person's lifelong learning. Your CCM badge will communicate your knowledge of, and dedication to, the CM profession to prospective employers and industry peers. If you have already earned a badge through Acclaim, your newly created CCM badge will be added to your existing profile. Or you can let your LinkedIn network know about your certification by adding it to you profile without the badge!

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