CMAA Conference App

The CMAA conference app, available on all Apple, Android devices, is a must-have for all conference-goers. This free, mobile app will improve your conference-going experience by providing the following, highly useful features.

  • Event Schedules

  • Maps

  • Session Info & Room Assignments

  • Speaker Information

  • Alerts

  • Attendee-to-Attendee Communication

  • And more... 



How to Download

1.  Find & Install: Using the device you plan to carry with you during the conference, access the App Store on your iOS device or the Play store on your Android device.

2.  Log In: After downloading the app, open it and select the hamburger () menu at the top left corner of the screen. Then, select the words "Log in for more features!" at the top of the screen, to bring up the app's login page.
Note: You will need your registration ID/CMAA member number to log in. If you do not know your number, you can request it be sent to you though the app.
3.  Update Your App: If you have already downloaded the CMAA conference app for a previous conference, you will need to update your app. The update can be found in your device's corresponding store. You do not need to download an additional app.

Don't Have an Apple or Android Device?

The CMAA Conference App is also available for windows mobile devices and laptops, as a web application. The login instructions are the same for the web application as they are the the iOS and Android versions.


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