CCM Applicant Resources

CCM Videos & Webinars

  • What Is A CCM? - a short video about what a CCM does.

  • Online Application - A brief look at what the online application looks like. 

  • Becoming A CCM - A webinar about the benefits, eligibility, examination, and preparation for the CCM®

  • Why Become A CCM? - Testimonials from industry peers explaining why they became a CCM®.

Applying for the CCM

  • CCM Application Handbook - This is required reading for every candidate interested in becoming a CCM®. 

  • Qualification Matrix Addendum - This will give you additional information about what each matrix phase and function are, as defined by the Board of Governors. 

  • Conditions and Conduct Agreement - All CCM® applicants and credential holders are required to sign this agreement. 

  • International Education Policy - If you are qualifying for the CCM® by using an international degree, you must adhere to this policy. 

  • CMCI Appeals Form​ - Applicants looking to make an appeal are required to use this form. 

  • Exam Content - The content covered on the exam related back to the topics outlines.

  • Study Kit - While not required material, these guidelines are the primary resources when preparing for the CCM® exam. 

  • Outline of CM Functions​ - This document contains the scope of work a CCM® is expected to be able to fulfill.  

  • CM Core Competencies - This is competencies expected from each construction manager looking to pursue the CCM®. 

  • Special Accommodations Form - Anyone needing special accommodations for the CCM exam must fill out this form.

Brochures and Promotional Material

  • CCM Flier - A one-page overview of the CCM®. 

  • Why Become A CCM? - A one-page overview on why applicants choose the CCM®. 

  • CCM Brochure - A tri-fold informational brochure about the CCM®. 

  • CCM Owners Brochure - A brochure focused on providing the importance of the CCM® to Owners. 

  • CCM vs PMP - A comparison between the Certified Construction Manager® and the Project Management Professional®

  • Example CCM Preferences - CCMs are often preferred or required by Owners to lead their projects.  Here are some examples of those RFPs and RFQs.

  • CII Endorsement Letter - The Construction Industry Institute endorsement of the CCM®.

  • Military Transition Flier - An explanation on why military personnel transitioning out should consider the CCM.

  • CCMs from the Military - Perspective from CCMs in the military.