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Arcadis Global Construction Disputes Report 2017: Avoiding the Same Pitfalls

Both the length and value of disputes around the world have slightly decreased, but complex projects and uncertainty in markets create the need to continue to stay aware of the key factors contributing to these disputes.
The seventh annual Arcadis Global Construction Disputes Report 2017: Avoiding the Same Pitfalls, will reveal key themes and insights into the global construction disputes market.


Taming Big Data with Business Intelligence: A CM Perspective

Business Intelligence... What is it and why should CMs care?
Those were the questions that prompted CMAA's Emerging Tech Committee to write their latest white paper, which explains what business intelligence is, how it works, and why every CM should take advantage of it on their projects and in their organizations.


Construction Management: Evolution of a Profession

This white paper looks at the growth of construction management into a recognized profession and describes the milestones along the way, including creation of Standards of Practice and accreditation of education programs. The paper also relates the factors leading to CMAA’s creation and the association’s vision for the future of CM.



Interoperability & Integration in the Construction Industry: Technology or People Problem?

Interoperability isn't just a fad, it's a concept that could revolutionize the entire CM industry. However, interoperability can quickly turn on a project manager if it isn't properly handled. Program designers have had years to develop their products, so today's programs are more integration-friendly than ever. However, while programs can be made to cooperate, people cannot. This white paper addresses the benefits of integrating all programs into a single system, and argues that in the world of achieving interoperability, people, not technology, are their own worst enemy. 


2015 Owners Survey Report

Summary of the findings from CMAA's 2015 Survey of Owners.


Demystifying the Cloud

You’ve probably heard a lot about the cloud and how it is revolutionizing the way “everyone” does business these days. But what is the cloud and why is it important to you and your business as a CM practitioner? The CMAA Emerging Technologies Committee is here to help take away the mystery and provide you with a starting point to understanding what cloud computing is, and how you can make it work for you.


Future Focus 2012

FutureFocus 2012+ brought together industry leaders spanning public and private sectors, owners, and service providers for facilitated discussion of key trends shaping the industry.



CMs Help Projects Succeed

Professional construction managers are outstanding leaders of successful projects that feature more effective communication, fewer crises, and fewer surprises for the owner. That’s the key conclusion of a major new market research study carried out recently by McGraw-Hill Construction for the CMAA Foundation. It’s the first time a rigorous and extensive study has quantified the benefits owners realize from having a professional CM as their agent in executing a project. 

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