Why Join CMAA?

CMAA membership provides you with easy access to a wide variety of services and resources that will improve your personal performance, enhance your firm’s capabilities, and brighten the outlook of the entire CM profession. CMAA is more than the sum of all these elements though. Like any association, what CMAA is and what CMAA does is largely depend on you. Join CMAA today, and set yourself on the path to a brighter future!

Professional Resources

•  CM's Standards of Professional Practice
•  Model Contracts = are available, specific to various types of project delivery environments, designed to help you assure consistent, dependable outcomes
•  National Conferences = help expand your professional networks and CM knowledge
•  Professional Development Opportunities = keep you up to date on the latest CM industry developments 
•  Publications = like the CMAdvisor keep you informed on national issues, trends, and association activities
•  Regional Chapters = help you connect with other CMs in your home market
•  Professional Liability Insurance = and other business service programs also help you meet pressing needs, particularly among smaller firms



•  Industry Recognition = The Association works to improve the recognition and understanding of CM as a profession; making owners, developers and other industry participants more aware of the value that a professional CM brings to the construction process
•  CMAA Publications = such as An Owner's Guide to Construction Management, and CM Standards of Practice help educate owners on the advantages of CM, while helping CMs stay up-to-date on the industry's best practices. Topical brochures in high-profile markets, such as schools and transportation infrastructure also emphasize the advantages of professional Construction Management to potential owner clients
•  "Find a CM/PM Directory" = Membership includes an easy way to connect owners and members and a step-by-step guide to evaluating, selecting and working with a professional Construction Manager


Professional Certification

•  CMAA's Certification Program =  The Certified Construction Manager (CCM) designation is widely recognized as the best way to identify CM practitioners who have demonstrated their knowledge, experience and sound judgment. CMAA's administration and promotion of the CCM enhances the status of the profession and expands business opportunities for CCM designees


Networking & Business Opportunities

•  CM Database = Owners can quickly and easily locate a highly skilled CM for their next their project(s)
•  CMAA CareerHQ = The best place to look for new CM careers. Members enjoy steep discounts when posting jobs


CMAA For Owners

As North America's only organization dedicated exclusively to the interests of the professional construction and program management profession, CMAA provides owners with a platform to discuss today's construction market with CM professionals. Members also benefit from networking opportunities, and valuable education and certification programs.
CMAA's membership has rapidly expanded over the past five years. This growth is largely due to an increase in owner members, including General Electric, Constellation Energy, the U.S. General Service Administration, the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Owners enjoy the lowest membership rate; $120 per year for an Owner Individual or $1,200 for an Owner Organization (includes 12 memberships).




CM CareerHQ

Industry Partnerships