"Construction Management is a relatively young profession that has already had a profound impact on how America plans and constructs its built environment. That influence is certain to expand as the future brings new imperatives, from tighter budgets to greater environmental sustainability."

- from "Becoming a Construction Manager"


You can begin preparing for a rewarding career in Construction Management while still in college. Undergraduates may join CMAA as a student member with proof of full-time (minimum of 12 credit hours) student status. Graduate students may join CMAA as a student member with proof of full-time (minimum of six credit hours) student status. Part-time students may join CMAA as a CMIT member or as one of the other available member categories.

The CMIT program is a great tool for planning your career path and managing your early career. More information about this program is available here or by contacting Kara Roseberry (703-677-3368).

CMAA and its Regional Chapters extend the opportunity to students at colleges and universities across the nation to form Student Chapters. Currently, there are 47 student chapters. You can find information on CMAA's individual student chapters here.  Each chapter has a faculty advisor and a student board of directors. Interested parties can contact the school directly to learn more about their CM program and the student chapter organization and activities.  The Outstanding Student Chapter is recognized annually by CMAA.  Chapters are automatically entered into the competition by submitting the mandatory Annual Report/Chapter of the Year form, which is due on 15 June.  The form is available here.  For the 2011-12 academic year, two chapters were recognized for their outstanding achievements:  University of Southern California and San Diego State University.

Construction Management is a great career field. The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistic predicts the field will grow at a higher than average rate compared to other industries, with more open positions than qualified candidates available. That means that graduates of CM programs can expect a high rate of job placement and high starting wages.

CMAA has compiled several resources for students interested in studying CM.


CM CareerHQ

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