New CMAA White Paper Discusses Interoperability's Benefits and Barriers

McLean, VA – October 5, 2015 – Full systems integration and interoperability is achievable in the construction industry, but is being hindered by “people issues,” according to a new report by CMAA’s Emerging Technologies Committee.


“This is not a software issue, it’s a people issue,” says the Committee, arguing that ineffective management limits interoperability more than shortcomings in actual systems and software.


The white paper claims that interoperability can save a project valuable time and money by streamlining the data communication process and by eliminating the need to reenter data. The “people issues” cited by the Committee include factors like over-customizing programs, cluttering a system with nonessential programs, or neglecting interoperability altogether.


In contrast the ETC cautions that Interoperability is a fickle concept that can be damaging to a project if it isn’t properly approached. “This technology, which is designed to make our lives easier, can actually do more harm than good if it isn’t properly managed; harm like raising project costs, causing inefficiencies, and draining resources,” warns the ETC’s report.


The ETC hopes that persuading project management teams to invest the time and effort needed to properly establish an interoperable system can help set construction and construction management on the path to “becoming a more integrated industry.”


In order to better understand what role interoperability plays in the CM industry, the ETC interviewed a variety of CMAA members with different levels of exposure to interoperability.


The white paper will be featured at CMAA’s national conference & trade show. It is available to download for free at:


The ETC is a 24 person committee whose purpose is to identify and evaluate up-and-coming CM technologies, and then train CMAA members on how to use the technologies. The ETC is made up of CMAA owner and service provider members and board personnel.



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