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Q4, 2016
I recently challenged our Board of Directors with the following question: “Are we kissing our brothers and sisters?” My challenge, of course, was to encourage us to talk less to ourselves and to talk more to others in the construction industry. We already know the value we as construction managers bring to the table, but in order to meet our strategic goals and objectives we must convince others.
More specifically, to promote the CM profession, to enhance the awareness and understanding of the CCM and to expand the number of owners that include the CCM requirement in their RFP's, will take quite an effort. How are we going to get that done? Well, we can't just give it to CMAA staff to execute; rather each of us needs to step up and take action.
If we are charged with promoting the CCM credential, one of the best ways to do that is to become a CCM. If we want owners to include the CCM requirement in their contracts, we need to engage early with owners in their project development stage. If we want to promote the CM profession, we need to de deliberate about it in all of our interactions.

Stephen T. Ayers, CCM, FAIA, LEED AP is the 11th Architect of the Capitol. Ayers is responsible for facilities maintenance and operation of all prominent federal infrastructure on Capitol Hill, including the historic U.S. Capitol Building. Ayers was appointed to the role of AOC in 2010, but has served with the agency since 1997. Ayers boasts an expansive portfolio of architectural and management experience, including a career as an Officer in the US Navy's 6510th Civil Engineer Squadron. Ayers holds degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park, the University of Southern California, and an honorary doctorate from Boston Architectural College.

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