College of Fellows

Selection to the College of Fellows is given in recognition to those individuals who are industry leaders and who have made significant contributions to the CM profession, the industry, and the Association. The Fellows designation is one of the highest honors that CMAA can bestow on an individual. The College of Fellows mission is threefold:
  1. To represent a diverse community of industry leaders who lend their knowledge and insight to the strategic issues facing the industry and the CM profession
  2. To identify and assist in the development of future leaders; and
  3. To take an active role in the mission of CMAA

Nomination Process

A nomination for the College of Fellows may be made by CMAA Members, Regional Chapter Officers, Board Directors or Fellows in good standing directly to the Fellows Nominating Committee. Learn more about the nomination process.

White Paper

CMAA's College of Fellows has the latest draft of a White Paper on Managing Integrated Project Delivery open for review and criticism. View this document by clicking here.

Roster of Fellows

The members of CMAA's College of Fellows are pioneers of the Construction Project Management profession and the Association itself. These men and women have played a key role in getting the Association to where it is today.


Mansour Aliabadi, CCM, FCMAA Sacramento, CA | 2006
David Arditi, PhD, FCMAA Chicago, IL | 2013


Gary Berman, PE, FCMAA Houston, TX | 2004
Thomas Bishop, PE, FCMAA Sausalito, CA | 2010
Erik Bodholt, FCMAA Liberty Lake, WA | 2003
Charles Bolyard, Jr., FCMAA Fairfax, VA | 2011
Edward Bond, Jr., CCM, LEED AP, FCMAA Everett, MA | 2008
Raymond Brady, CCM, FCMAA Las Vegas, NV | 2015
Gary Brasser, PE, FCMAA Incline Village, NV | 2016
Michael Brooks, FCMAA Deceased | 1991


Gary Cardamone, PE, FCMAA San Pedro, CA | 2011
Richard Conner, Esq., FCMAA Raleigh, NC | 1999
Dave Conover, CCM, FCMAA Centennial, CO | 2013


Bruce D'Agostino, CAE, FCMAA Derwood, MD | 2008
Jesus de la Garza, FCMAA Blacksburg, VA | 2011
Thomas Driscoll, FCMAA Highlands Ranch, CO | 1989
Dennis Dunne, FCMAA Deceased | 2001


Thomas Farrell, III, PE, FCMAA Oak Hill, VA | 2011
Robert Fraga, AIA, FCMAA Fairfax, VA | 2008


Albert Gravallese, FCMAA Leesburg, VA | 2002


C. Edwin Haltenhoff, FCMAA Deceased | 2001
Mark Hasso, PhD, PE, FCMAA Boston, MA | 2017
George Heery, FCMAA, FAIA Atlanta, GA | 2004
Albert Heyer, FCMAA Havelock, | 2003
Robert Hixon, Jr., PE, CCM, FCMAA Lady Lake, FL | 2005
James Hobbs, Jr., Esq., FCMAA Providence Forge, VA | 2006
Lester Hunkele, PE, CCM, LEED AP, FCMAA Mililani, HI | 2007


Jerve Jones, FCMAA Deceased | 1987


Christine Keville, FCMAA Marshfield, MA | 2007
Gerard Klauder, CCM, FCMAA Hollywood, FL | 2003
Chuck Kluenker, FCMAA Sacramento, CA | 2003
Fred Kreitzberg, FCMAA Ross, CA | 1997
Judith Kunoff, CCM, AIA, FCMAA , | 2012


Randy Larson, PE, CCM, FCMAA Plant City, FL | 2009
Joseph Lawton, CCM, AIA, FCMAA Laurel, MD | 2012
George Lea, Jr., CCM, FCMAA Washington, | 2009


Richard Maes, FCMAA Cottleville, MO | 1988
Louis Maloof, FCMAA Buford, GA | 2009
D.J. Mason, III, PE, CCM, FCMAA Boston, MA | 2017
Joseph McAtee, PE, FCMAA Philadelphia, PA | 2004
Lee McClure, FCMAA Deceased | 1993
Carl Morse, FCMAA Deceased | 2007
James Moynihan, FCMAA Atlanta, GA | 2009
Frank Muller, FCMAA Deceased | 1989


James O'Brien, FCMAA Riverton, NJ | 1993


Bruce Palmer, CCM, FCMAA Wayzata, MN | 2004
Blake Peck, PE, CCM, FCMAA Fairfax, VA | 2005
Ronald Pennella, CCM, FCMAA New York, NY | 2016
J. Michael Potter, PE, CCM, FCMAA Amelia Island, FL | 2015
Ron Price, CCM, FCMAA West Sacramento, CA | 2014
Bob Prieto, FCMAA Princeton, NJ | 2012


Thomas Quaranta, FCMAA New York, NY | 2004


Christopher Reseigh, FCMAA Oakton, VA | 2003
David Richter, JD, PE, FCMAA Philadelphia, PA | 2012
Irv Richter, FCMAA Philadelphia, PA | 2002
Milo Riverso, PhD, PE, CCM, FCMAA New York, NY | 2016
Jim Ruddell, PE, CCM, FCMAA Raleigh, NC | 2016
Donald Russell, CCM, FCMAA Woodland, WA | 2002


Lisa Sachs, CCM, FAIA, FCMAA Santa Paula, CA | 2017
Richard Sage, PE, CCM, FCMAA Snohomish, WA | 2015
Richard Schultz, FCMAA Deceased | 1987
Joseph Seibold, PE, FCMAA Westlake Village, CA | 2008
Sam Sleiman, PE, CCM, FCMAA Boston, MA | 2017
John Stetson, IV, FCMAA Malvern, PA | 2006
Mani Subramanian, CCM, AIA, FCMAA Fair Oaks, CA | 2014


J.T. (Tommy) Thomas, Jr., CCM, AIA, FCMAA Waynesville, NC | 2008
Charles Thomsen, FCMAA, FAIA Houston, TX | 2002
John L. Tishman, FCMAA Deceased | 2007
Wayne Twedell, AIA, FCMAA Long Beach, CA | 2003


William Van Wagenen, Jr., CCM, FCMAA Philadelphia, PA | 2010
Rocco Vespe, PE, FCMAA Philadelphia, PA | 2010


Robert Wilson, FCMAA Flat Rock, NC | 2000
Robert Wohlsen, Jr., FCMAA Kenwood, CA | 2014
Roger Woodhull, FCMAA Henderson, NV | 2001

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