Having a CMIT designation proves to your future employers or competitors, that you are serious about the CM industry. You have taken the time to learn, and test your knowledge. It will set you apart from those who have no designation.

The next step is to fill out the online application form.

You will receive an email with instruction on how to access your digital copy of CMAA's Capstone publication and take the corresponding assessment required to become a CMIT.

The CMIT exam is independent from the CCM exam. The CMIT exam will only test your knowledge of CMAA's Capstone publication. Becoming a CMIT is not required for you to take the CCM exam.The 48 months of “Responsible in Charge” CM experience is the requirement that most CCM applicants have difficulty meeting. Earning your CMIT designation first will help you document your professional CM experience.

The CMIT exam is 185 questions. The CMIT exam has no time limit and you do not need to complete it all in one sitting.

The CMIT program does not directly place participants in jobs or internships. However, many CMITs find career opportunities through the CMIT program's mentorship or networking events. CMAA's website also features an industry specific Job Board, that is is regularly updated with new career opportunities.

Within one month after passing, you should receive a congratulatory email from CMAA with directions on how to proceed and a golden CMIT lapel pin in the mail. If you do not receive the email or pin within one month, you are asked to contact CMAA's certification department.

You should begin searching for a Mentor in our CCM Mentor directory (requires login). Your mentor does not need to be in the same state, or country as you. Once you find a prospective mentor you will need to contact them. They are anxiously awaiting a CMIT to mentor! Don’t forget to Declare Your Mentor!How your relationship develops with your Mentor, is up to you and your Mentor. You can set your own rules, meeting times, and how much involvement there will be. You may also now use the CMIT designation after your name.

Throughout the mentoring process, you will have several opportunities to evaluate your mentor and the mentoring program as a whole.You may declare a new mentor at any time. However, we encourage you to try working through any challenges with your mentor first. Regardless of your experience, CMAA strongly values your feedback, as it lets us know what we're doing right, and what we need to do to improve.

A great source of preparation for the CCM exam are CMAA's Standards-of-Practice (SOP) modules. Each module takes between 45 and 90 minutes to complete. These modules put cover all of the topics that are present in the CCM exam. The quizzes and tests used in the modules are designed to emulate the CCM exam's format.


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