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CMAA has 29 regional chapters, spread throughout the United States. New chapters may be formed in areas with no current chapter representation or by forming a chapter in a geographic area currently served by a regional chapter.  Chapter Sections can also be formed at the discretion of the Regional Chapter as a means of providing better communication with a geographically distant segment of the membership; guidelines are available here.  International chapters are not being formed at this time; individuals in foreign countries are encouraged to join CMAA as International Members.
Download the Regional Chapter Formation Manual (PDF) which includes the application, chapter bylaws and the CMAA/Chapter Affiliation Agreement along with other important information. You can download the Regional Chapter Application separately as a Word document, if you wish, for ease of completion. 
The Regional Chapter Committee reviews the application and conducts a conference call with the prospective chapter's steering committee.  Following that, a recommendation for approval/disapproval is forwarded to CMAA’s Board of Directors for its final decision.   The approval process is usually conducted at one of CMAA's Board meetings held in May, October, and December.  Once a chapter is formed, a six-month review is conducted between the chapter president and the Regional Chapter Committee members to determine how the chapter is progressing.
For more information and to submit an application, please contact Kenzie Mahla.

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