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The Certified Construction Manager - Retired (CCM-RET) certificate program has been developed by the Board of Governors to meet the desired needs of retired professionals who are or were credential holders and wish to remain engaged within the industry. While no longer performing the responsibilities of a Certified Construction Manager (CCM), the program recognizes years as an active credential holder and represents the knowledge, experience, and dedication the certificate holder possessed during their career in the construction management industry.

The CCM-RET certificate program grants adapted use of the credential to include the addition of Retired. For example: CCM-RET or Certified Construction Manager Retired or Certified Construction Manager-Retired. The retired credential may only be used on business cards, name badges, signatures, a curriculum vitae, or resume. CCM-RETs will remain listed in the online CCM directory as a CCM-RET.  All CCM-RETs will receive a new certificate by mail with an updated status and continue to receive communication from CMCI on CCM activities. CMCI will also grant the use of the CCM-RET logo and digital badge.

A person taking part of the CCM-RET certificate program is not obligated to meet the requirements for CCM renewal. All CCM-RET certificate holders may not use the designation to perform or offer to perform the services and duties an active CCM conducts.  CMCI and the Board of Governors reserve the right to revoke and participant within the CCM-RET certificate program at any time.

Eligibility Requirements

The policies and criteria have been set and are maintained by the Construction Manager Certification Institute (CMCI) Board of Governors. The certificate program’s procedures are administered and monitored by CMCI staff. If you are an active or expired CCM who meets the below criteria, you may apply to have a “retired” status be designated on your certification record:

  • Held an active CCM credential for a minimum of six (6) years or two (2) renewal periods.
  • Sixty (60) years of age or older.
  • Submit the qualifying application accompanied by a one-time non-refundable retired status fee.
  • No longer participates in active construction management.
  • Agree to abide to the same code of conduct agreement and same disciplinary actions as active CCMs.

CCM-RET designees must notify CMCI of any change in employment circumstances that would render the individual ineligible for CCM-RET status. The CMCI Board of Governors encourages CCMs to think carefully before changing to CCM-RET status. The Board of Governors encourages credential holders to maintain their CCM if they are not sure they will remain fully retired from construction management because of the difficulty and cost prohibited reactivation process.

If you would like to apply to become a CCM-RET, please read and fill out the form located in the Retired Handbook.

The CCM-RET certificate program is not recognized by ANSI and does not meet the accreditation requirements of the ISO-17024 standard


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