CCM Renewal Point Providers

CCM Recertification Point Providers

What is a Recertification Point Provider?

CCM Recertification Point Provider (RPP) is an organization that has partnered with CMCI and committed to providing education that meets the CMCI Board of Governors standard. These partnerships help individuals earn or maintain the Certified Construction Manager credential by offering additional professional development credit through their events, courses, seminars, and online courses.  
CMCI encourages CCMs to consider courses from CMAA or CCM Recertification Point Providers to meet the professional development requirements necessary to maintain the CCM credential. Renewal Point Providers can easily be identified by the CCM Renewal Point Provider logo.

Become a Provider

If you are interested in your organization becoming Recertification Point Provider, please read through the Recertification Point Provider Guide on becoming a RPP.  Interested organizations should contact CMCI.

Questions? Contact CMCI.

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