Why CM Certification?


Why become a CCM? Why insist on working with CCMs on your projects and programs? Here are answers "live" from some of the industry's most thoughtful and influential leaders.




Recognized by Owners

Construction owners, worldwide have acknowledged the benefits of hiring a CCM to lead their projects. Many owners have identified the CCM as "essential" when evaluating project bids. Their RFPs assign a concrete positive value to the involvement of CCMs in a bidder’s project team. CMCI encourages you to view example CCM preference language that many owners are using. The following owners have embraced the CCM.

These Owners Know...

  • Construction today is complex and risks are higher than ever.
  • Successful projects and programs require leadership of a kind that only a qualified construction manager can deliver.
  • The CCM is a sure sign that an individual has both the technical knowledge and the proven practical experience to guide their projects to success.
  • The difference between a Project Manager and a Construction Manager



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