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Professional Construction and Program Management

Welcome to CMAA's Professional CM web resource portal. Here you will find all the basics of professional Construction and Program Management -- everything you need to take full advantage of this powerful array of professional services on all of your projects and programs.

CM Success Stories -- the CMAA Impact Library

Case studies demonstrating what professional Construction and Program Management can contribute to project success.

CM Knowledge Base

Features in ADVISOR. Peer-reviewed articles in CM eJournal. Web pages, news releases and an extensive CM Knowledge Base for the answers and ideas you need.

CMAA Documents

Owners Guide to Construction and Program Management. A basic guide to the services and practices that make up professional CM/PM.

Owners Guide to Project Delivery Methods. From Design-Bid-Build to Public-Private Partnerships, how professional CM/PM functions in alignment with all of the major project delivery methods.

Model Contract Documents -- Documents provide a detailed specification of the CM’s basic services and compatible contractor and general conditions documents. Intended for use as a complete set. Users are free to modify as needed. Editable MS Word versions are $250 (members) or $500 (non-members). Hard copies are $40 (members) or $80 (non-members).

Agency CM (Set of four Agency CM documents: A-1, Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and CM, CM as Owner’s Agent; A-2, Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor; A-3, General Conditions between Owner and Contractor; A-4, Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Designer.)  Word   Hard copy

CM-At-Risk (Set of four CM-At-Risk documents: CMAR-1, Standard Form of Agreement, Owner-CM; CMAR-2,Standard Form of Agreement, CM-Contractor; CMAR-3, General Conditions, CM-Contractor; CMAR-4, Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Designer.)  Word   Hard copy

CM/PM Glossary

CM and Certification FAQ

CM eJOURNAL -- Latest issue


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Find a CM/PM

Search a database of CM/PM professionals by locality, project types, and other criteria.

Registry of Certified Construction Managers (CCMs)

Learn more about the ANSI-accredited CCM program.

Videos: Why Hire a CCM?  --  Why Become a CCM?

Owners - find out why you should hire a CCM for your next project. (PDF for mobile devices)

Best Practices/Best Practitioners

An innovative, collaborative alliance between CMAA and the Construction Industry Institute at the University of Texas has linked CMAA's CM Standards of Practice with CII's widely embraced Construction Best Practices, creating a comprehensive Body of Knowledge that forms the basis for CCM certification -- and for successful construction outcomes! Learn all about this important initiative.



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