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Owners and owner organizations make up a large portion of CMAA's total membership. In fact, over one-quarter of CMAA's members are owners or work for an owner organization. For owners, a benefit of their membership is the ability for them to share their professional knowledge with other owners.

Owner Directory

To aid the transfer of knowledge between owners, CMAA hosts its Owner Resource Center. The Owners Resource Center is a directory, where owners across the country can search for other owners. Logged-in, CMAA members will be able to view basic contact information. Click here to login

Additional Resources For Owner Members

The CMAA Impact Library includes case studies demonstrating what professional Construction and Program Management can contribute to project success [More...]
Example CCM RFQs & RFPs - The documents on this page include language used in RFPs and RFQs with a requirement or preference for the CCM from various owners. The intent of publicizing these documents is to provide owners with the assistance needed to draft their own RFPs. [More...]

CMAA Documents

Owners Guide to Construction and Program Management - A basic guide to the services and practices that make up professional CM/PM [More...]

Owners Guide to Project Delivery Methods - From At-Risk to Design-Bid-Build, how professional CM/PM functions in alignment with all of the major project delivery methods [More...]

Model Contract Documents - Documents provide a detailed specification of the CM’s basic services and compatible contractor and general conditions documents. Intended for use as a complete set. Users are free to modify as needed. Editable MS Word versions are $250 (members) or $500 (non-members). Hard copies are $40 (members) or $80 (non-members) [More...]

Agency CM - Set of four Agency CM documents, which include;

  • A-1: Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and CM, CM as Owner’s Agent
  • A-2: Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor
  • A-3: General Conditions between Owner and Contractor
  • A-4: Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Designer
CM At-Risk - Set of four CM-At-Risk documents, which include;
  • CMAR-1: Standard Form of Agreement, Owner-CM
  • CMAR-2:Standard Form of Agreement, CM-Contractor
  • CMAR-3: General Conditions, CM-Contractor
  • CMAR-4: Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Designer


CM & Certification FAQ [More...]

Digital Networking

Find a CM/PM Directory - Search our database of CM/PM professionals by locality, project types, and other criteria. [More...]
CCM Registry - search our registry of over 3,000 CCMs to find the right professional for your job. [More]


Learn more about the ANSI-accredited CCM program.




Owners, learn more about why you should hire a CCM for your next project. (PDF for mobile devices)

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