Construction Manager-In-Training (CMIT) Program

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My CMIT certification helped me separate myself from the crowd. There are thousands of students and individuals that have construction experience and that were competing for the same job I was looking for. The CMIT certification helped separate my resume from the rest because it showed that I was willing and serious about pursuing construction management as a career. CMAA is known and respected throughout the US, and the CMIT designation really made my resume stand out.  Joseph KovacCMIT


What is the CMIT program?

The Construction Manager-In-Training (CMIT) designation serves as a way for young CM professionals to display their knowledge of and commitment to the practices, procedures and principles of the CCM. It shows future employers, clients, and co-workers that you are serious about practicing construction management at the highest level. The CMIT program will help you develop as a construction manager and as a leader.
The CMIT is for:
  • Undergrads in an accredited engineering, architecture, or CM program
  • Recent grads from an accredited engineering, architecture, or CM program
  • Graduate students in an accredited engineering, architecture, or CM program
  • Early career professionals working in a field related to CM
  • Early career professionals focused on pursuing the CCM credential by connecting with a CCM
  • Experienced professionals dedicated to becoming a professional construction manager

What does the CMIT program offer?

Prior to becoming a CMIT, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Construction Management, through self-study and an assessment of your comprehension of CMAA’s Capstone publication, A History of the Practices and Procedures of Construction Management

How does the CMIT program work?

The CMIT program has two phases: The Capstone Assessment and the Mentor-Protégé Relationship.
Phase 1: Capstone Assessment
The Capstone Assessment component of the program lays the foundation of knowledge and instills an understanding of the history of construction management practices and procedures.  Candidates are required to read the Capstone publication and complete the online assessment. When a passing grade of 80% is achieved, candidates earn the CMIT designation and are enrolled in the CMIT Program.
Phase 2: Mentor Protégé Relationship
The Mentor-Protégé Relationship is an on-going and key aspect of the CMIT program. Mentors provide CMITs with guidance and support, to ensure CMITs are on the right track to obtaining the experience necessary to qualify for CCM certification.
Mentors and protégés create and manage development plans. Your mentor can be a CCM that you currently work with. If you do not work with a CCM, or would just like to see what else is out there, you may select a mentor from CMAA's ever-expanding Mentor Directory (Requires login).
To guide this process, CMAA provides mentors and protégés with the CMIT Mentor Program Guide.


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