From CMIT to CCM

For many young CM professionals, the CMIT acts a primer for the CCM. The CMIT program is dedicated to helping young professionals on their paths to becoming a CCM. Through the CMIT program, young professionals will discover new and exciting ways to learn more about CM, while earning the experience necessary to become a CCM.

The path to the CCM may seem daunting. However, the CMIT program is also dedicated to explaining this process, step-by-step. The CMIT program also provides a variety of useful resources for helping young professionals stay organized; like the CMpat, which will helps CMITs keep track of their professional experience.

In addition to CMIT programs hosted by CMAA's national HQ, like the annual Rising CM Conference, many of CMAA's regional chapters also host a variety of their own CMIT events. Please contact your local chapter for more information.


Join ​CMAA
Complete CMIT Application
  Take Capstone Exam  
  • Once CMAA has reviewed and approved your application, you'll receive an email with directions for downloading the Capstone (PDF) and accessing the Capstone Exam
  • The Exam is open book. You'll need a score of 80% to pass.
  • Become a CMIT
  Find a Mentor  
  • Find a Mentor using the Mentor Directory (requires login) or declare your own mentor
  • Your mentor does not need to be in our directory, they just need to be a CCM.
  Track Your RIC  
  • CMITs will need to document their Responsible-in-Charge (RIC) experience
  • Regularly check-in with your mentor to make sure you are on the right path to becoming a CCM
  Apply for the CCM  
  • Once you have accumulated all necessary RIC experience, complete a CCM Application. The experience you entered into the CMpat will roll over to your application
  • Pick reliable references – Unresponsive references are one of the most common issues that delay application approval.


Schedule and Prepare for the CCM Exam


  • Schedule your exam​
  • Become a CCM




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