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In early 2000, the Journal of Construction Management became the CM eJournal. The editorial staff, the editorial advisory board and the governance of CMAA is dedicated to making the CM eJournal the focal point for the examination of timely technical issues confronting the architectural, engineering, construction and facilities management communities. The CM eJournal will present the multiplicity of views that exist within the CMAA membership and all involved in the construction process.

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CM eJournal Editorial Staff

2016 Papers:

Risk Management in Large and Complex Civil Infrastructure Projects:  DC Clean Rivers Project

2012 Papers:

Evaluation of Contingency Allocation Methods for Transit Projects in the U.S. and U.K.

by Payam Bakhshi, Ph.D.

System Dynamics Applied to Outsourcing Engineering Services in Design-Build Projects

By Stephen D. Lisse, P.E.

Gender-based Compensation in the Construction Industry

By Angela Smiley, BSEE, MBA, PhD

Constructibility Reviews

By Stephen R. Pettee, PE, CCM

2011 Papers:

Modeling Construction Operations - An Introduction
By Jose J. Berrios, PSP, LEED AP

The Relationship Between Corporate Culture of South African Construction Firms and Performance 
By Alfred Talukhaba, PhD, Kgositsile S. Sidumedi, and Collins Ogutu Miruka

2010 Paper:

Safety In Design
By Al Palumbo, CCM

2009 Papers:

Graphical Planning Method
By Dr. Gui Ponce de Leon, PE, PMP, LEED AP

Women in Construction Management
By Barbara L. Chun, David Arditi, and Gulsah Balci

Quality Management in an Irrigation Project
By A.Melih Yanmaz, N.Birkan Dedekli


2006 Fourth Quarter Papers:

Owners Risk Reduction Techniques Using a CM
by Ali Touran, PhD

2005 First Quarter Papers:

As-builts - Problems and Proposed Solutions 
by Stephen Pettee, CCM

2004 Fourth Quarter Papers:

A Case Study in the Effective Use of Schedule Control Techniques - Recovery Schedules
by Joseph Delaney, PE and Randy Ott, PE

2004 First Quarter Papers:

Driving Down Construction Project Labor Cost  
by Hans E. Picard

Constructibility Reviews: Case Studies of Bid Document Errors and Ommissions
by Ken Pruett

How Healthy is Your Company's Leadership Development Culture?
by Donald B. Russell, CCM, FCMAA and Dennis D. Dunne, FCMAA

Successful Claims Resolution Through an Understanding of the Law Governing Allocation of Risk for Delay and Disruption  
by Mark A. Sgarlata, Esq. and Christopher J. Brasco, Esq.

Are Foxes Watching the Owner's Hen House
by Gary S. Berman, FCMAA

Construction Arbitration: A Survey of Arbitrator's Award Consistency
by George (Chip) Ossman III

Project Control Mechanisms on the Pentagon Renovation Program (Expectations are High - And the World is Watching)
by Lester M. Hunkele III, CCM and W. Lee Evey

The Morphing of the Architect's Role and How It Is Impacting the CM
by Gary S. Berman, FCMAA

The Risk in CM At-Risk
by Warner Strang

A Case Study of Construction Management On the Boston Harbor Project
Reflections at Project Completion
by Walter G. Armstrong and Ralph M. Wallace

A Crew Balance Case Study - Improving Construction Productivity
by John A. Kuprenas and Abdallah S. Fakhouri

Risk vs. Conflict of Interest - What Every Owner Should Consider When Using Construction Management
by Chuck Kluenker, FCMAA

Calculation and Recovery of Home Office Overhead
by James G. Zack Jr., CCM



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