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The CMAdvisor is CMAA's quarterly update on the CM industry. The Advisor covers all segments of CM, including; best practices, education, safety, legislation, technology, and more... The online version includes all feature articles from the most recent print edition, as well as some exclusive, online-only content. Most of the CM Advisor's content comes from members of the CM community.
If you would like to write for the Advisor, or have an interesting idea for an article, you are encouraged to submit a proposal. A CMAA membership is not required to submit a proposal, but member-written articles take precedence when being considered for inclusion in the print edition. CMAA places no length requirements or restrictions on any content submitted by prospective contributors, therefore content may vary in length from quick, blog-length posts to full fledged articles.
Fourth Quarter 2016
  New FAA Rules Ease Some Challenges Faced by Commercial Operators
November, 2016 | By: Paul Beckwith & Gladys Miller
This past June, the FAA released a modified set of guidelines for flying drones. These new guidelines will hopefully make it easier for businesses to commercially deploy drones [More...]
  Impact of Gender on CMs' Motivators
November, 2016 | By: Margaret Newquist & David Arditi
As the number of women in the CM workforce increases, employers must embrace their unique motivational needs in order to attract and retain top talent  [More...]
  The Value of a CCM/Attorney
November, 2016 | By: Stavros Karageorgiu, CCM, Esq.
With more and more CCMs entering the legal profession, and vice versa, many owners wonder if a simultaneous CCM/Esq. is the ultimate form of value on a project [More...]


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